Brushing your dogs teeth

Dental disease is very common in dogs as they get older, they become more at risk from the age of 3 onwards. Although this is a common ailment with all dogs, some breeds are at risk at getting it worse than others. Those more at risk are Terriers, Sighthounds and Flat-faced breeds. Dental treats and […]

Dental Disease in dogs

Dental disease is very painful for your dog and can often be hidden, dogs will not show obvious signs of dental disease. Unfortunately, Dental disease is one of the most common medical conditions seen by veterinarians. Over 80% of dogs over the age of three have active dental disease. Dental chews and dental treats are […]

My Story….

Hi there, thanks for visiting Aloe Animals. My name is Sean, and I am a business owner and distributor of Forever Living Products, promoting the benefits of introducing Aloe Vera into your life. I personally use aloe vera every day, I take the drinking gels, use the skin care, use the personal care and use […]