Hi there, thanks for visiting Aloe Pets. My name is Sean, and I am a business owner and distributor of Forever Living Products, promoting the benefits of introducing Aloe Vera into your life.

I personally use aloe vera every day, I take the drinking gels, use the skin care, use the personal care and use the products around the house.

I have a personal interest in the health and wellbeing of animals, from the smallest child’s pet to the biggest farm animal to the even bigger(est) wild animals. Since being able to talk, I always wanted to be a vet however, paths don’t always go in the direction we would like but, my interest in animal welfare never has and never will drift away.

I studied animal care and welfare at Myerscough College for 4 years (1997 – 2001). I successfully completed my NVQ Level 2, National Certificate and National Diploma in Animal Care and completed additional courses in the management of livestock, small, large and farm animals. I also enjoyed studying wild animals and understanding the value ‘all gods creatures’ bring to our world.

It was during my college days that the UK was subject to another outbreak of foot and mouth disease which, in 2001 caused a crisis in British Agriculture with there being over 6 million cows and sheep slaughtered in halting the disease. This is definitely something I would never liked to be exposed to again.

Many times I regret not following through with a career working with animals! I spent the next 15+ years working in customer service which I continue to do so whilst running my Forever Business around this.

Animals and Aloe…. Aloe Vera (the ‘burn’ plant) is natures gift, it can be used for so many different things, and if you take a look at my shop (http://benegel.myforever.biz/) you can see just how amazing this plant is. It can be used for a wide range of animal ailments. It can be used on the skin, the eyes, the ears, drinking aloe can also be beneficial for the immune system, the urinogenital system, the digestive system, the respiratory system and the musculoskeletal system.

Aloe is so invaluable for not only humans but animals, that the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons have an aloe plant on their coat of arms. Take a look at the centaur (a mythical Greek healer) at the top of the shield, it is holding a shield showing a picture of Aloe Barbadensis Miller.

I will update this website with with news, offers, advice and of course aloe!

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Best wishes, Sean