Founded in 1978, Forever Living Products has led the way for the world to rediscover the benefits of aloe vera.

With annual worldwide sales in excess of $2.6 billion, we trade successfully in over 150 countries worldwide.

Forever is the world’s largest grower, processor and distributor or aloe vera products, in complete control of manufacturing and distribution, and every item you buy is backed by our sixty-day money-back guarantee.

The aloe family of plants includes over 200 varieties. Of these, it is the Aloe Barbadensis Miller (aloe vera) that has been of most use to man.

This succulent plant has thick fleshy leaves which conceal an inner gel that has been used for centuries for its beneficial properties. This is the aloe Forever cultivates.

Our plantations in the USA, Mexico and the Caribbean are all prime growing climates, and Forever now uses its own patented process to stabilise the nutritional content of the aloe.

We are proud that Forever was the first company to win the International Aloe Science Council’s Seal of Approval on over twenty products; this suggests quality you can trust.

Forever is proud to partner with Leaping Bunny. The Leaping Bunny logo is an internationally-recognised certification for cosmetics, personal care and household product brands which are not tested on animals.

Forever is a global brand and displaying the Leaping Bunny logo allows us to assure our customers and Forever Business Owners across the globe of our commitment to not test on animals in any part of our supply chain.

As well as considering animal welfare, Forever also provides a range of products that are safe for animals to enjoy; so why don’t you discover the benefits of aloe through products that have the added advantage of being suitable for both you and your animals?