So, what human foods are poisonous to your canine friend?

It’s easy to give-in when your four-legged friend is begging for that meat treat or edging closer to take a bite of that chocolate bar BUT, what can be an enjoyable treat to us can be fatal to a dog! Even some of our healthy foods can leave your ‘best friend’ in agonising pain or […]

Transitioning your skincare for the season

As the leaves shift to their golden hues and we begin reaching for our winter coats, it’s safe to say that autumn has arrived. While most people will think about changing up their wardrobe to accommodate the colder weather, we often forget the impact this change has on our skin. Our skin reacts differently to […]

My go-to ‘skin healer’ – works for me everytime!

Over the last few weeks, I have been visiting hospital daily (as a visitor not a patient) and been doing a lot more hand sanitizing and wearing PPE. The extra hand sanitizing and wearing of disposable rubbber gloves has irritated the skin on my hands. My hands have been itchy and cracking around the knuckles […]