My go-to ‘skin healer’ – works for me everytime!

Over the last few weeks, I have been visiting hospital daily (as a visitor not a patient) and been doing a lot more hand sanitizing and wearing PPE. The extra hand sanitizing and wearing of disposable rubbber gloves has irritated the skin on my hands.

My hands have been itchy and cracking around the knuckles and other areas as can be seen on the below photos and this has caused them to bleed quite a lot. The sanitizing also stings plenty with all the open abrasions.

I made a big mistake of running out of my favourite go to ‘Skin Healer’, Forever Bee Propolis Creme – this is beyond stupidity for me as I normally always have a tube spare so, quickly ordered replenishments.

I adminstered to my hands as soon as I received, three times over the course of the day, it started to work its magic by soothing my skin and within days, my hands had cleared!

The moral of this story is – Lesson learnt – never run out again

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Photo’s I took of my hands before I started to use the creme and the results after: