So, what human foods are poisonous to your canine friend?

It’s easy to give-in when your four-legged friend is begging for that meat treat or edging closer to take a bite of that chocolate bar BUT, what can be an enjoyable treat to us can be fatal to a dog! Even some of our healthy foods can leave your ‘best friend’ in agonising pain or […]

Furever Loving Pets with Forever Living Products

It’s no secret that we love aloe, and whether you’re a Forever Business Owner or customer, we’re guessing you love it, too. With 59% of households in the UK owning some kind of pet, and 61% of all Irish households owning either a dog or cat, it’s clear our nations are big lovers of our […]

Aloe Very Gelly Testimonial – Sores on the Neck

Aloe Vera Gelly – Sores on the Neck This is my Staffordshire Bull Terrier, he had an operation to remove a growth, to stop him eating the stitches the vets put a funnel on his head. As you can see the funnel caused discomfort and irritations around his neck causing weeping sores, I applied the […]


Joint problems occur in all species today, and the majority of pet owners come across this common issue at some point in their animals life. If an animal lives long enough, it is common for them to develop problems in one or more joints due to natural wear and tear. The most common cause for […]