Joint problems occur in all species today, and the majority of pet owners come across this common issue at some point in their animals life.

If an animal lives long enough, it is common for them to develop problems in one or more joints due to natural wear and tear. The most common cause for the early development of joint problems in younger animals is trauma. This can follow road traffic accidents or simply a twist or blow to the joint area. It can also follow frequent minor traumas, as occurs if there is poor conformation of a limb that puts undue forces on one side of a joint or if the animal repeatedly exercises on hard ground.

Because of the inflammation, symptoms will typically include heat, pain, swelling and lameness. The usual way to confirm the diagnosis is to take an x-ray. In horses the may have to be preceded by nerve blocks.

There are a number of treatments employed for all types of animals. Some of the most important being heat, support, warmth and rest.

Forever Freedom contains all the nutrients of Aloe Vera Gel combined with glucosamine, chondroitin and MSM, natural elements shown to maintain healthy joint function and flexibility. This is an ideal product for animals who are at risk of suffering from joint problems.

Studies have shown that combinations of Freedom’s joint-protecting agents are more effective that the individual compounds alone.

The amounts required by the three main species are:

💚 Horses – 250mls per day
💚 Dogs – 60mls per day
💚 Cats – 20mls per day

Owners frequently notice an improvement in thier animals symptoms within two weeks of starting Forever Freedom, and in some cases the response has been quicker, whereupon the volume can usually be halved. It is important to remember that all animals will show an individual response to products like Forever Freedom and therefore the amount required to maintain healthy joints will show some variation.

Some of you may have seen the programme on television called Animal Park, this is filmed at Longleat Safari Park. One of the programmes showed their 45-year-old gorilla taking our Freedom to help relieve the symptoms of his arthritis.

by David Urch
Bsc, MA, VetMB (cantab), Dip Herb, Med, MRCVS and Advisory Board Member

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