How much Aloe Drinking Gel can I give to animals each day & what are the benefits?

Our aloe vera is cultivated on fertile soils in a climate that enjoys over 2,000 hours of sunshine a year, and it’s even been certified by the International Aloe Science Council for its purity.

The original drinking gel (yellow package) is 99.7% aloe vera and is…

🌱 Stabilised Inner Leaf Gel
🌱 Natural balanced formula
🌱 Ideal digestive aid
🌱 Supports immune function
🌱 Contains 75 nutrients
🌱 Supports the skin from within
🌱 Preservative free
🌱 Sugar free
🌱 Liquids are readily absorbed into normal feeds or added to water
🌱 Contains Vitamin C

The Berry Nectar Drinking gel is 90.7% aloe vera and comes with a burst of cranberry and sweet apple to give it a sweet yet tangy flavour!

How much Aloe Drinking Gel can I give to animals each day?

🐹 🐭 Hamster, mice & gerbils (Starting Volume 2ml, Maintenance Volume 1ml)

🐀 🐰 Rats, pigeons, guinea pigs and rabbits (Starting Volume 4ml, Maintenance Volume 2ml)

😼 Cats (Starting Volume 20ml, Maintenance Volume 10ml)

🐶 Dogs (Starting Volume 60ml, Maintenance Volume 30ml)

🐑 🐖 👨 Sheep, pigs and humans (Starting Volume 120ml, Maintenance Volume 60ml)

🐮 Cows (Starting Volume 250ml, Maintenance Volume 120ml)

🐴 Horses (Starting Volume 250ml, Maintenance Volume 120ml)

I would recommend the Original and Berry Nectar drinking gels for animals and the Forever Freedom drink if your animal suffers from arthritis, this is because the Freedom comes with added glucosamine, chondroitin and MSM

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