Is this really the UK’s favourite Top 20 Friends?

I read an article earlier today about a survey that was carried out last year by ITV. The survey was conducted to unearth the UK’s most popular family dog.

Apparently, 10,000 people took part in this survey and from the results, the Top 20 family dogs have been identified.

I personally, do not necessarily agree in the positioned order of each breed nor do I believe that some of the dogs actually belong in the Top 20.

Therefore, is it possible these results have been tampered with?

The Kennel Club are the ones usually responsible for deciding and ranking the most popular breeds in the UK but the below results are said to be from the British Public?

What are your thoughts?

20 Jack Russell Terrier – are loving and affectionate dogs, they can be great with kids as long as they are handled correctly (they can snap if poked at). Jack Russell’s can be very vocal, stubborn and fearless. They are very energetic dogs with strong intellect, and they are likely to be involved with everything you do

19 Dobermand Pinscher – A wonderful family dog, very obedient, intelligent and loyal. They are known to be trustworthy and protective of the children in their family as long as they are respected by the child.

18 Dachshund – tend to display that ‘pack’ behaviour and love being part of the pack which makes them great family dogs however, they are known to be very unwelcoming to strangers and other dogs

17 Weimaraner – although they can be a great companion they may be very overwelming for young children and not really a good dog to have around toddlers. They are intelligent and stubborn dogs and although they are beautiful animals, I would advise not to have one around if you have other animals, they will see a tasty snack in cats, small dogs, rabbits, hamsters, gerbils etc

16 Welsh Terrier – one of the friendliest dogs on this list. They love to have fun and are always affectionate. The Welsh Terriers were originally bred for hunting but, during the last century have been mainly bred for showing

15 Cavachon – a mongrel cross between a King Charles Spaniel and a Bichon Frise. A gentle dog with a loving personality. They do have a bark on them but I wouldnt class it as a great guard dog – you would have to do the biting!

14 Dandie Dinmont Terrier – I first met a DDT at Crufts a few years ago. I would categorise them more of a show dog than a family dog. I would say they are better with older children and can be affectionate however, a younger child’s fingers may be a tasty snack for this breed!

13 Labradoodle – our second mongrel on the list, cross bred with a Labrador and a Poodle, an Australian breed that according to reports can unfortunately suffer some severe medical conditions. As far as I am aware, this breed is still not recognised by the kennel club. They do not have predictable characteristics.

12 Miniature Schnauzer – well-mannered and fun loving dogs. The can bark a lot so may need additional behavioural training. They are know to be fearless but can also be very obedient

11 Flat Coated Retriever – although they are a gundog breed, they are a devoted and friendly breed so, make wonderful family dogs. They have a strong desire to please people so will likely be a loyal companion

10 Mix Breeds – with no-known purebred ancestors, this category can be open to interpretation. I have found many mongrels to be faithful, loving and mild-mannered so, will make amazing family dogs however, I would be tempted to find out the behaviour patterns of both the parents

09 Golden Retriever – one of the most popular breeds in the US. This gundog was originally bred to retrieve shot waterfowl & gamebirds as it can ‘retrieve’ shot game undamaged due to their soft grip. A gentle breed which will make a great family dog

08 German Shepherd – A working dog that originates from Germany. Calm natured and excellent temperament. Very intelligent breed which makes a good family dog.

07 Border Collie – Original bred for herding livestock on the Scottish Borders. They are very energetic and keen to please. Can be quite tenacious which can have an impact on their behaviour around other dogs. Excellent family dogs.

06 Boxer – A playful and friendly breed. Boxers possess a natural instinct to protect their family, they are fearless and energetic. Although, they were used as fighting dogs historically, they make a brilliant family dog

05 Cocker Spaniel – are socialble but gentle breed. Make good family dogs as long as treated sensitively. Because of this sensitive behaviour it may be best to set rules with your humans

04 English Springer Spaniel – Playful and energetic. Most are well behaved which in turn makes them fairly easy to train. They are known to get along with young children and other family pets

03 Labrador Retriever – Do need a lot of exercise. They love kids and one of the best family dogs you can live with, they are trusting and gentle. According to a recent survey, they are the most popular dog breed in the UK, USA and Canada.

02 Cockapoo – X between a Cocker Spaniel and a Poodle. They have been bred since the 1950s but are not recognised by The Kennel Club. They are loving dogs which are not suitable to be left alone due to their needy personalities

01 Staffordshire Bull Terrier – Once known as ‘The Nanny Dog’ due to their affectionate, gentle behaviour towards humans. It is well documentated that this breed have a large love for children. Originating from the Black Country from X-breeding the Bulldog and the English White Terrier. The most popular dog breed in Britain

REMEMBER – A dog is for life not just Christmas, Birthdays, Easter or some other special occasion that you feel essential. They are a huge part of your family and will be for 10 years plus.