Ways to pamper your pooch

from the desk of Forever UK…

According to Mintel, over a quarter of dog owners admit they like to pamper their pets, and in the UK alone we spend 10 billion a year on our dogs.

But why do we like to pamper them so much? Our dogs are part of the family, they are normally the first ones to greet us when we get home and because we treat them as humans (kind of), we tend to rely on them for companionship. In return, we want to reciprocate that love and make sure our dog feels cared for and pampered!

Here at Forever we really do love our four-legged friends. The wellbeing of animals is enormously important to us, forming an integral part of the ethics that surround the company*, and that’s why we offer lots of dog-friendly products that you can pamper your dog with to show them how much you love them.

Groom their coat

Dogs will have a different grooming routine depending on their breed and coat type, but all dogs deserve a coat that’s kept in top condition by regular washing and brushing. This will remove any dead hair and evenly distribute their natural oils, but from a health perspective it will also give you, the owner, the opportunity to check all is well with the coat. After brushing their coat, it is also important to trim their nails, especially when they are a puppy.

At Forever we know how important it is for you to groom your dog, that’s why we have a specific pet related product called Aloe Veterinary Formula. This is an easy-to-apply spray for soothing irritations, cleansing areas before applying dressings, or achieving a glossy and conditioned coat after bathing. This gentle dog-product can also be diluted to cleanse irritated eyes or to clean dirty ears.

Another dog-friendly product we highly recommend, whether you have been on a muddy adventure or your dog just needs its monthly bath, is Forever’s Aloe-Jojoba Shampoo. This shampoo’s kind formula contains aloe vera which will leave your dog’s coat shiny and clean but remember, too much bathing will strip their coat of natural oils so use sparingly.

Clean their teeth

Cleaning your dog’s teeth is another important part of pampering because gum disease can be a major problem for dogs; thankfully, regular brushing can help prevent tartar building up. The Forever Bright Toothgel is a gentle, non-fluoride formula containing only the highest quality ingredients, including aloe vera and bee propolis – ideal for keeping your dog’s teeth clean and their breath fresh.

Give them nutritious food

Whatever your dog’s age, it’s important that you pay special attention to their dietary needs. They will require different vitamins, minerals, and supplements at various stages of their life. One product that is sure to give them the nutrients they need is our bestselling Forever Aloe Vera Gel. This digestive aid absorbs into most dog food and it’s a great way to ensure your pup eats something healthy each day. It also helps to support immune function and gastrointestinal health.

Soothe their joints and muscles

Caring for and understanding your dog’s joints throughout their life can have a positive impact on their movement. Whether they are a younger dog with lots of energy, but their joints and muscles are still developing, or your dog’s moving into the late adult life-stage where they will need more help keeping mobile, applying Aloe MSM Gel to your dog’s joints and muscles will help to soothe any aches and pains they may have.

Spend quality time with them

Of course, one of the easiest ways to pamper your dog is simply to spend time with them and give them lots of attention, especially if you are at work in the daytime. Whether it’s playing, cuddles or a long walk in the park, your dog will be content and feel like the luckiest dog on earth if you show them some love and affection.

* We are strongly against all forms of animal testing at every stage of production, and we do not make contracts with any other laboratories that conduct animal testing.